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Thick Vegan is a Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle Coaching brand . Where I teach everyday wives & moms the tools to properly FUEL their bodies through the power of plants! By educating her on how to develop healthy lifestyle strategies and recipes to utilize within her everyday life that can help her optimize her well-being and lose excess weight naturally. 


Welcome to The Thick Vegan Lifestyle Brand

Hi I'm Trichelle.....

And I am the founder/creator of The Thick Vegan,

About two years ago I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy Zechariah who change my husband's and I life forever ! While I loved the the fact that I would be having our first boy ( we have three older girls) I started to notice during my pregnancy that my good to perfect health was beginning to make a change for the worse. During my pregnancy I fought through endless to almost scary fatigue, gestational diabetes, rapid weight gain totaling 60 lbs, and shortly after delivering him I developed high blood pressure which was diagnosed as preclampsia and other ailments that began to develop. YIKES!!!!  

As you can imagine this took me through a lot mentally, physically, and spiritually! However it was during this time that a friend suggested to me that I start journaling my thoughts and prayers daily as a means to help me get through this joyous yet rough time. At first it seemed pointless but I took her advice and began writing. I began to write down how I felt daily mentally and physically, this soon began to be a place of refuge for me to tell God exactly how I felt and ask Him for answers and healing. It was one day during my writing and praying that the idea was given to me to begin sharing with other women that may be going through some similar issues about my challenges and what I was doing to combat them through a YouTube channel. 


Although I was scared and I didn't know exactly where to start, how people would perceive me, or even what to say; I took the plunge and hence was the beginning of MyJourneyBack2Health (now The Thick Vegan)

What started as just a YouTube channel has now grown into a brand where I have been able to take my years of knowledge, experience, and growth to help other women to start their own personal journey back to health, through learning how to use food to 'fuel' their bodies from the inside out and not give "Whole Foods' their 'whole check' along the way !   

I look forward to sharing with you the techniques and keys that I've learned along the way, while joining you on your journey towards a healthier you as we all figure out this "Healthy" thing together! 


P.S. I recently began transitioning (Dec 2016) into a vegan diet and I'm loving the benefits! Interested? You can find more info below! 

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Are you someone who likes a little more 1-on-1 assistance? The services provided here at MyJourneyBack2Health will help by giving you the customized assistance that you need to either get started or get back on track mentally, emotionally, and physically. While helping you to create the lifestyle strategies that will allow you to take  control over your well being! 

Check out some of the monthly specials and healthy lifestyle tips, tidbits, and recipes to help you get  off the struggle bus! 

Weather you're a newbie to living a lifestyle of health & wellness or a veteran looking to revamp or go to the next level. You’ll DEFINITELY find something that suites your needs.

Shop our selection of lifestyle t-shirts and accessory line. That offers styles ranging from sizes S-3xl.  New items are added quarterly so check back often!

Renew your mindset, increase your energy, and lose spiritual, mental, and physical weight! Click on the button above to find out more.


All appointments and Coaching sessions must be scheduled at least 24 hours ahead of appointment time 

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Have you ever...

  • Thought about transitioning into a vegan diet?

  •  Currently are vegan and don't know what to eat?

  • Wanted to live a healthier lifestyle by eating more plant- based foods, but not go completely vegan?

  • Been ridiculed for not looking like a "stereotypical" vegan ?

  • Been curious about the vegan lifestyle?

Then joining the 'The Thick Vegan' community is the answer for you! By clicking on the link above you will join a community where:

  • You will get FREE delicious and healthy plant-based/gluten-free meal ideas

  • You will learn healthier alternatives for meat and dairy products

  • You will DEMOLISH the idea of what a "so called" stereotypical  vegan "should" look like

  • You will gain support for your journey

  • You can see how a vegan lifestyle is more than just not eating cheese